Ronan Farrow Releases Audio Clip of Harvey Weinstein Allegedly Making Advances As Trial Begins

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As Harvey Weinstein’s trial began in New York City, some of the loudest noise was made outside court as Ronan Farrow released a tape allegedly catching audio of one of the disgraced movie mogul’s passes.

Taking to his “Catch and Kill” podcast Tuesday morning, Farrow released an audio recording between Weinstein and Victoria’s Secret model Ambra Guttierez. It was secretly taped in 2015.

A man, believed to be Weinstein, can be heard in the recording saying, “If you want to spend time with me I will mentor you. I'll teach you. Whatever. But you have to, you know, relax with me, have fun, enjoy."

“What?” replies Guttierez. 

“Massage, something fun,” the man says. 

“No. I'm shy,” she rebuffs. 

“I know, but a massage. Something nice,” the man says. “If you don't trust me then we have no reason to do anything and you will lose big opportunities.” 

Weinstein has pleaded not guilty to the rape and sexual assault of two women. He has also denied all other allegations of non-consensual sex.

In her opening statement, the prosecutor painted a graphic and disturbing picture of the alleged assaults, describing Weinstein as a monster and a predator who used his power as a top Hollywood producer to target aspiring actresses. 

The defense is expected to discredit the accusers.

There are seven men and five women on the jury who will decide Weinstein’s fate. They include a security guard, a wall street investor, a banker, an accountant and a lawyer. There is also a writer whose novel is about a sexual predator.


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