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More than 50 million Americans suffer from seasonal allergies

Dilley Allergy & Asthma Specialists, LLP, Dennis E. Dilley, MD, has been recognized for showing dedication, leadership and excellence in adult and pediatric allergy and immunology.

Get to know Dr. Dilley


  • MD from UT Health Science Center

  • A member of the American Academy of Allergy, Asthma & Immunology, he has won many awards throughout his career

  • Dr. Dilley specializes in the treatment of allergic and immunologic conditions in San Antonio, Texas.

  • With over 20 years of experience, he has been providing exceptional and compassionate care to his patients.

Dr. Dilley's Awards & Recognition 🏆

Super Doctors 2015, 2016, & 2017

Super Doctors Top Texas Physicians 2013

  1. Vitals - Top 10 Doctors award 2014 recognition of 15 years of service

SA Magazine Top Doctor's 2014

Patient Reviews Top Allergist 2016

Named one of the Best Allergists in San Antonio by San Antonio Magazine

Named to the Top 10 Allergists and Immunologists in Greater San Antonio by Vitals in 2014

Dr. Dilley evaluates and treats children and adults with airborne allergies, asthma, chronic cough, contact dermatitis, drug allergies, eczema, allergic skin rashes, immune deficiencies and sinus problems.

Aside from Dr. Dilley's daily routine, he performs clinical research and provides exceptional patient care.

How did Dr. Dilley get passionate about helping others?

Dr. Dilley was influenced to pursue allergy and immunology as a field before his pediatric rotation, he saw a family from Mexico with a child who had severe asthma.

At the time, he became intrigued with the way he needed to be treated and the medicine that was used.

Dilley Allergy & Asthma Specialists goal is to help you live life on your terms.

Did you know that more than 50 million Americans suffer from seasonal allergies, allergy-related conditions, or asthma?

Many people continue to suffer from the unpleasant symptoms and simply try to cope with their condition.

Dr. Dilley strives to empower his patients to stop letting allergies and asthma keep them from doing the things they enjoy.

Dilley Allergy & Asthma Specialists goal is to help you live life on your terms.

What does 'Dilley Allergy & Asthma Specialists' specialize in?

  • Asthma

  • Pollen, molds, Animal Dander, Dust Mites

  • Chronic cough

  • Contact Dermatitis

  • Drug Allergy

  • Penicillin testing

  • Eczema/Allergic Skin Rashes

  • Eye Allergy

  • Food Allergy

  • Hives

  • Immune Deficiencies (recurrent sinus, ear and bronchial infections)

  • Insect Allergies (Fire ant, honeybee, hornet, mosquito, wasp and yellow jacket)

  • Latex Allergy

  • Sinus Problems

Contact information:

Dilley Allergy & Asthma Specialists is located at 7835 W. Interstate 10 San Antonio, Texas 78230.

For additional information about Dilley Allergy & Asthma Specialists, LLP, you can visit or call 210-614-4405.

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