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Get up to 30 percent back when you file your taxes by switching to solar panels

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SAN ANTONIOWith more than 700 solar systems installed throughout Texas, South Texas Solar Systems is your one-stop shop and can provide you with a free custom estimate for your home.

Tired of your high energy bills?

Right now is the best time to go solar with, several rebates to help keep your costs down and get your return on investment quicker than ever!

"With more than 700 solar systems installed throughout Texas, we are your one-stop shop and can provide you with a free, custom estimate for your home," said a South Texas Solar Systems representative.

South Texas Solar Systems provides turnkey service, maintenance, reliability and friendly customer service.

Three reasons why you should invest in solar panels with South Texas Solar Systems:

1. $0 down

This sounds too good to be true! That's right, at South Texas Solar Systems switching to solar is more affordable than ever.

2. $0.68 per watt rebate

CPS Energy will give you a solar rebate, but you may need to hurry. The rebates will be expiring soon!

3. 30% federal tax credit

You can even get up to 30 percent of your money back when you file your taxes for 2018. Who wouldn't want to save some money?

Dan Moran, vice president of marketing/sales, South Texas Solar Systems, said, "You're eliminating one bill and now focusing on your panels.That's going to be a fraction of what your electric bill is right now."

(Below: Examples of houses with solar panels from South Texas Solar Systems)

Find out how much you can save by going solar!

You'll even help the environment and CPS Energy.

If you don't believe how much you will save by switching to solar panels, check out these CPS Energy bills from South Texas Solar Systems customers below.



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For more information on South Texas Solar Systems, you can visit stxsolarsystems.com/ksat/ or call 210-829-5420.

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