Twins celebrate 12th birthday on 12/12

SAN ANTONIO – On Wednesday John-Ryan Fuller and his twin brother Noah celebrated their twelfth birthday, which meant the pair turned 12 on December 12, 2012 or as they called it, "12 on 12/12/12."

"It's never going to happen again so it's really special that your birthday I on this day," said John-Ryan.

"I think it's really cool because it's once in a lifetime," said Noah. "It's pretty awesome."

The pair had been counting down the days until they turned twelve, but it wasn't until John-Ryan looked closely at the calendar that he noticed the significance of their birthday.

Their mother said she knew it as soon as the two were born, and she planned to cash in on their lucky birthday 12 years ago.

"We said. ‘we're going to buy lots of lotto tickets because it had to be an omen," said Bethany Fuller. "Hopefully it'll be lucky in some way."