Flooding concerns addressed in West Side neighborhood

Bronco Bridge project to be completed by the summer

SAN ANTONIO – Residents on San Antonio's West Side near Westwood Terrace Elementary School have long dealt with flooding issues when heavy rains arrive. The culprit is an aging flood infrastructure underneath Bronco Bridge. 

"When it rains about five inches, six inches -- beware," said Gus Lopez, who lives along the drainage ditch.

Lopez has lived in his home at the corner of Bronco Lane and Gallop Drive for 22 years.

"Sometimes it goes into the kitchen," said Lopez.

Lopez was forced to be creative to protect his home from flood waters that not only crept near his home, but neighbors' homes as well. 

Heavy rains often leave Bronco Lane impassable to traffic, cutting off part of the neighborhood. Even more concerning, the street is a walkway for students who attend Westwood Terrace Elementary. Other neighbors complained about congregating mosquitoes in the unkempt ditch.

"This is one where the neighbors have let us know, the neighborhood associations have let us know, that there's been a big problem along Bronco [Lane]," District 4 Councilman Rey Saldana said.

Saldana, along with city leaders, announced Thursday that construction will soon be underway on Bronco Bridge. The construction is set to add two additional culverts to alleviate flooding. In addition, sidewalks will be added.

"We're adding six-foot sidewalks to the project as well to connect the elementary school to the neighborhood," said Saldana.

The project will cost $770,000, all paid for by bond money. 

"Finally, they're doing something," said Lopez.

The project is scheduled to be completed by the end of the summer.

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