Seventh-day Adventist conference boosting local business

70,000 people in SA for church conference

SAN ANTONIO – If you feel like there have been more people in the downtown area, you are right.

There are about 70,000 more people in town this week for the Seventh-day Adventist Church General Convention Session.

The conference began July 2, and according to the San Antonio Convention and Visitors Bureau, it's the largest convention the city hosts, and it's bringing in millions of dollars.

Green, a vegetarian restaurant at the Pearl, was packed Friday afternoon, and according to Executive Chef Mike Behrend, their business has tripled in the past 10 days.

"The last 10 days have been crazy," said Behrend. "Normally, we're a very busy restaurant already, but with the Adventists, there's been an influx of vegetarians and fellow Adventists coming in to support this restaurant."

Theophilus Roberts, who is attending the conference with his family, has visited Green every day this week.

"They know that most Seventh-day Adventists are vegetarians," said Roberts. "And that was very appreciated."

According to the San Antonio Convention and Visitors Bureau, the estimated economic impact that the conference will have on the city is $40.5 million.

"This is the best convention city in the country," said Behrend. "The Adventists are enjoying themselves with all there is to do in San Antonio, and thankfully, they come here and eat."

Saturday is the last day of the conference, where participants are expecting between 80,000 and 85,000 people to attend.

Roberts said he may head back to Green before they leave.

"I love this place," said Roberts. "I told the owner yesterday or the day before yesterday, they need to come to Miami and open one."

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