Cyclist says man pulled gun on him, waited over an hour for police to respond

SAPD said error was made in 911 communications center

SAN ANTONIO – Army veteran and registered nurse Daniel Taylor says he rides his bike nearly every day along Leon Creek Parkway.

"I ride about 15 miles and halfway, I work out.  And then, come back," said Taylor.

While riding on Thursday, he said another man passed him and nearly hit him. Taylor said he loudly responded using common biker jargon to alert the other cyclist to a practice accepted for bike safety etiquette. 

"On your left," Taylor said.

Taylor said a few words were exchanged but he thought that was the end of it until, he alleges, the other man stopped and turned around showing what Taylor says was a handgun. Taylor also claims the man circled back and made additional threats until riding off.  

He said he called 911 multiple times. "I called four times and they always took my information but it didn't seem to do any good. I waited an hour and 20 minutes before an officer arrived," Taylor said.

A San Antonio police spokesman said human error at the 911 operations center is the culprit and said the error has been addressed by supervisors. Police also said they may have surveillance images and they are investigating.