Parents mourn daughter killed while riding scooter on driveway

Josie Marie, 7, died Friday after being hit by an SUV

SAN ANTONIO – Not a minute goes by without Joseph and Anel Cereceres thinking about their beautiful daughter, Josie Marie.

"She was a vibrant little girl. She was just happy all the time about life in general. She taught me so much in such a short amount of time," said Josie Marie's father, Joseph.

Josie Marie, 7, died Friday after being hit by an SUV while she was riding her scooter on the family driveway near O’Connor Grove near Larkdale Drive.

Her father believes she went down the driveway and onto the road, but was not seen by the driver because she was blocked by a parked car.

"I was talking to her. I was talking to her all the way until she was gone already in the hospital," said Anel Cereceres, Josie Marie's mother.

Anel is now spending her Mother's Day planning her daughter's funeral.

Josie’s parents said they find comfort in each other’s arms, blessed, they say, to have her in their lives for seven years.

"We tried to show her all the love we could all the time and especially to show her to live right," Anel said.

Police said a woman in her 70s hit the little girl but stopped to render aid and is not expected to face any charges. The family had a message for her.

"We want her to know that things happen and we forgive her. It's done. There’s nothing we can do now," Joseph said.

The Cereceres’ family is also asking for help with funeral expenses. Family and friends have started a GoFundMe account and hoping to raise enough money to cover the costs.

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