Community members attend Bike Night event

Cyclists learn about new projects in Alamo City


SAN ANTONIO – Trails, bike lanes and bike paths were just some of the cycling infrastructures mentioned at Wednesday night’s Bike Night.

The event was a chance for community members and cyclists to learn more about bicycle projects throughout the Alamo City.

“We also have a call for projects for about $15 million worth of funding that will be allocated to different projects that are either oriented toward bicyclists or pedestrians," said Linda Vela, planning and public involvement project manager for the Alamo area Metropolitan Planning Organization.

Bike enthusiasts from around the city hope that biking culture will continue to grow and that drivers will share the road.

“The guy on the bike is vulnerable. Maybe you’re going to be slowed down for 40 seconds, but deciding to save those 40 seconds might put that guy in the hospital. I've had too many friends that have been hit by people running rail signs or whatever," said Paul Thompson, a cyclist.

The Bicycle Mobility Advisory Committee oversees projects in Bexar, Comal and Guadalupe counties, as well as a portion of Kendall County. The committee said biking culture is catching on and there are no plans to slow it down.