Arkansas restaurant claims to have best queso; San Antonians disagree

Owner of Pete's Tako House says SA has best queso in US

SAN ANTONIO – People in the state of Arkansas are laying claim to having the best queso in the country and the world.

An article in the Wall Street Journal said that the founder of a restaurant chain in Arkansas, who has since died, put cheese together with different combinations of ingredients and ended up winning an award.

Some residents around San Antonio find it hard to believe.

"No I don't think so," said Albert Perez, a patron at Pete's Tako House.

Perez’s reaction was kind of the reaction from many San Antonians.

Pete Rios, the owner of Pete's Tako House, said everybody is entitled to their opinion, but, "I am originally from San Antonio, so I would say San Antonio has the best queso throughout the United States."

La Gloria serves it up in several different ways, including a mix of bubbling cheese up in a black skillet.

Owner Johnny Hernandez said there is no way Arkansas can have queso that is better than the Alamo City’s.

"It's impossible. San Antonio as we know is the place where the entire country and friends from the north, who are sitting on our patio, come and experience Mexican food," Hernandez said. "San Antonio has made that famous. We’re the ones who put it on the map."

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