Pregnant woman fights, calms down armed intruder

Police also answer calls about gunshots nearby

SAN ANTONIO – A pregnant woman said she stood up to a man with a gun who broke into her Northeast Side home Sunday night and attempted to shoot her dog.

The woman was still too shaken to reveal her identity, but willingly shared her story about the incident that left her frightened.

The incident appeared to be one of several calls that San Antonio police received involving gunshots in the Sunrise subdivision from Sunday night through early Monday morning.

The woman said she woke up around 9:30 p.m. Sunday to the smell of cigarette smoke in her home on Sunrise Creek. She said she noticed a stranger inside her bedroom, digging through her closet.

"Like he was looking for something," she said. "And so, I, pretty much, played possum, like I was still asleep."

After a few minutes, she said she got out of bed, thinking that the intruder had left. But she said it wasn't long before he found her and pointed a gun at her face.

The woman, who is 37 weeks pregnant, said that when the burglar later pointed the gun at her belly and also attempted to shoot her dog, she had no choice but to fight back.

"Immediately, I just grabbed the gun. I grabbed the gun and we started fighting on the bed," she said. "He was standing over me on the bed behind me, and I was on my back."

At one point, the gun went off, leaving the woman with a gunpowder burn on her hand.

"All I could think of was just talk to him and see if you can talk him out of --just give him what he wants. Maybe he still won't kill you," she said. "I actually sat there in the house with him for about 30 minutes and helped him pack up stuff."

She said she finally got the burglar to calm down by helping him carry her television and other property out of the home. By the time officers arrived, he was gone.

Around 6 a.m. Monday, police began receiving calls about more shots fired in the area, including the 4100 block of Sunrise Glade, located one street over from Sunrise Creek.

Officers said they found three guns and other property hidden in some bushes on Sunrise Glade. They also took a man and woman into custody for questioning.

Police do not yet know whether the calls about the gunshots on Sunrise Glade and the home invasion on Sunrise Creek are related.

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