Plane makes emergency landing at San Antonio International Airport

Only a few minor injuries were reported

SAN ANTONIO – A plane made an emergency landing at San Antonio International Airport Sunday. The pilot declared an in-flight emergency after the plane began having issues with its landing gear, an official with San Antonio International Airport said.

The SkyWest flight 5588, operating under United Express, departed from Houston en route to Monterrey, Mexico. During the flight, the pilot received a notification that there was an issue with a gear, the airline said. The emergency was declared just after 2:40 p.m.

A spokesman with San Antonio Fire Department said the nose of the aircraft collapsed during landing. The emergency exit slides on the plane were deployed.

Video posted on social media by a passenger shows the passengers were relatively calm before and after the plane landed.

One runways was closed to traffic while responders remained at the scene. People with flights in and out of the airport are urged to contact their airline.

Fifty-five people were on board the plane, 51 passengers and four crew members, the airline said. Only a few minor injuries were reported.

In a statement the airline said:

"The aircraft was an Embraer-manufactured E175. We have dispatched mechanics to inspect the aircraft and will conduct a full investigation into what may have caused the incident.  We are working with our partner United to provide an additional flight to Monterrey and providing food and beverage for customers."

Nearly two dozen emergency units responded to the scene.