Texas Legislature: Rep. Joe Straus, District 121

Lawmaker popular on both sides of aisle hopes to regain 'speaker' title


SAN ANTONIO – Joe Straus, the Republican Speaker of the House of Representatives, faces no apparent challengers for the speakership when the 85th Texas Legislature is gaveled into session.

Straus, who represents Alamo Heights, Olmos Park and Terrell Hills, has been a part of the House since being elected in 2005 in a special election. He's been speaker since 2009. To become speaker, the House members cast their vote for their choice at the beginning of every session. Straus is to likely gain his title back during this year's session. 


Joe Straus

House District 121

Alamo Heights, Olmos Park, San Antonio, Terrell Hills

Speaker Straus faces no likely opponents for House Speaker in the upcoming session. He will need to be voted in to the seat again by House members once the session begins.




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