Leon Valley woman arrested again on animal-cruelty charges, police say

Animals discovered amongst piles of refuse, fecal matter, police say


LEON VALLEY, Texas – A woman has been arrested again on animal-cruelty charges, the Leon Valley Police Department said.

The city of Leon Valley conducted a health and safety inspection of a dwelling in the 7200 block of Poss Road on Feb. 28.

Police said 13 animals were found at that time.

One of the animals was in extremely poor health. Police said the emaciated feline was taken to the veterinarian, who conducted an examination to determine the health of the animal.

The remainder of the animals were removed from the home. Police said the premises was placed off limits due to severe health concerns and boarded up pending further inspection.

The city of Leon Valley began working closely with the owner of the home, who police said is not the suspect, to clean and abate the health hazard.

Police said after receiving a report from the veterinarian, a warrant for cruelty of animals was obtained. The suspect, identified by police as Vicky Jamvold, was arrested March 3 and booked for the charge.

Since March 3, police said the city continued to work closely with the homeowner and the company he hired to abate the health hazard.

Eighteen additional animals were discovered over the last two weeks in the home among piles of refuse and fecal matter, police said. Many of the animals were long deceased in various stages of decomposition.

The deceased includes felines, a rabbit and a possum, which were in cages throughout the home, police said.

Detectives filed three additional charges for cruelty to animals Friday. Police said Jamvold was arrested again and has been booked into the city magistrates office for the three additional charges.

"The city of Leon Valley takes injuries to defenseless animals very seriously and will not tolerate such behavior in our city limits," said Kelly Kuenstler, city manager of Leon Valley.

"This is one of the worst animal-cruelty cases I have ever seen," said Chief Joseph Salvaggio, of the Leon Valley Police Department. "Our hearts go out to not only the animals, but also to the arrestee and our sincere hopes are that she gets the help she obviously needs."

Officials said the city will continue to work closely with the Bexar County District Attorney to ensure all charges and violations are brought to their attention for consideration of additional charges. Authorities will also continue working with the owner of the home to finalize cleaning so that the home can be sold in the near future.

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