Two Texas kids write adorable apology letters to police after prank calling 25 times

Many praising parents for making kids write apology letters

FULSHEAR, Texas – Employees at the Fulshear Police Department got a laugh out of apology letters they received from two siblings who prank called dispatchers 25 times.

Though a serious issue, the department made light of the situation and posted the letters to Facebook.

"We would like to share a story of two young elementary age brothers who figured out a way to relieve the boredom (of summer), although it was not the right way to relieve the boredom, it nevertheless, did the job," the department wrote in the post. "As the two young siblings marched into the Fulshear police station with their sad faces and heads down, they promptly apologized and offered these letters of explanation."

The first letter said:

"To the Police Department, the reasons why I called you 25 times are because I thought that it was funny to call you and try to send you to the wrong house to make you think that the people in that house did it and because I did not want to go to bed. I am very sorry for calling you all those times. Could you forgive me, and allow me to stay in this house, without sending me to jail? I promise that is never going to happen again in my whole life."

The second read:

"To the police department, I am very sorry that I called you when there wasn't any emergency. We kept saying the address to trick you. We did it because we thought it was funny. Please forgive me. I will do anything to get out of jail if you send me there. I promise not to do it again. I want to stay home. I would never do that again."

Many from the small Texas town located west of Houston took to the comments to commend mom and dad on a job well done.

"Now that is an example of true, hands on parenting! Love it," one parent wrote. "You may have spared those two boys from one day really going to jail. Nothing like strict rules and discipline! Kudos! From a mother who raised 3 sons. Stay relentless."


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