Edgewood ISD Police Department helping families living in poverty

Supplies offered are donated by public

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SAN ANTONIO – When officers with the Edgewood ISD Police Department learned that some of the students in the school district didn't have the basic needs at home to succeed in school, they decided to start a community resource unit dedicated to help the West Side families get on track. 

"If we can help our kids and our families, we can get them educated and they can be successful," Jesse Quiroga, Edgewood ISD Police Chief said.

The police department now has a storage unit where they hold supplies including furniture, toys and clothes, all of which are donated by the public and given to families in need. 

"We are from here too," Rose Orozco, Edgewood ISD Police Officer said. "Many don't have any food or their electricity is about to be cut off or they are getting ready to be evicted and they can't concentrate on what they need to do."

Officer Orozco and other police officers recently visited a home to donate a couch. 

"My husband is sick, he is diabetic. I try to take care of him and come over here and take care of my mom, my aunt, my grandkids, half of them I take to school," the resident said.

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Orozco said she knows the challenges these families face. 

"It's not brand new, but it's still good. It's still usable, and for somebody that doesn't have that, it means a lot," Orozco said. 

Sandra Martinez's husband was recently laid off and has had difficulty providing for her seven children. Another stop by Orozco helped ease her burden.

"I'm glad that the school has been there as well as the officer as we really do appreciate that because I don't have family out here," Martinez said. 

In 2016-2017, the Edgewood ISD had the highest percentage of economically disadvantaged students, according to the Texas Education Agency. More than 91 percent of their students receive free and reduced meals and are closely followed by San Antonio ISD, Harlandale ISD, Southwest ISD and Southside ISD.

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