'A Cutting Perspective': Community conversations at Acapulco Barbershop

KSAT 12 News reporter Tiffany Huertas visits barbershops across SA

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SAN ANTONIO – GMSA @ 9 on Friday introduced "A Cutting Perspective," which will feature original stories from barbershops all over San Antonio. 

KSAT 12 News reporter Tiffany Huertas' first visit was to Acapulco Barbershop on Guadalupe Street.

The barbershop gets packed on Friday afternoons with customers who assistant manager Pablo Villa calls family.

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While getting a haircut, customers and barbers engage in conversations on topics which range from music to sports.
"My favorite soccer team is the Chivas," Villa said. 
"The Houston Astros are also playing good," a client said. 
Hard topics don't fade away in their conversations. 

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"There are young men that are doing drugs, and they should be in school," a client said.
"Don't say that the parents are the problem because although it is their problem, some parents go to work," Villa said. 
Safety is also a big topic of conversation. 
"More security on the streets. More lights on the streets," a client said. 

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Many clients agree that violence continues to happen daily, and they hope something changes soon. 

And as does life, conversation changes, and they focus moments later on weekend plans. 

About the Author:

Tiffany Huertas is known for her in-depth storytelling and her involvement with the community.