SAPD hoping to attract new recruits with 'Camo to Cops' drive

Police department reaching out to members of military

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SAN ANTONIO – People who have spent time defending the country are being offered an opportunity to protect the city.

The San Antonio Police Department is making an extra effort to reach out to members of the military, hoping to turn them into their newest recruits.

All week long, SAPD’s recruitment team is conducting a drive called, “Camo to Cops.” 

New group of cadets begin San Antonio Police Training Academy

Officers are setting up shop at various locations to answer questions and offer information from people who have an interest in donning the dark blue uniform.

“The military provides you with all the values we’re looking for -- integrity, compassion, respect,” said Officer Michael Garza. “Military members, they come in with the mindset: the mental, physical toughness that we're looking for as well.”

Garza, who is part of the outreach team, has a military background himself.  He said making the transition from soldier to police officer went smoothly, thanks to his military preparation.

“Coming in with that military service, you’re that much more ahead of the game,” he said.

Phillip Lira, an Army veteran, heard about the recruitment drive that was held on the city’s North Side Wednesday morning.

He showed up moments after the team put up its tent in the parking lot of 5.11 Tactical on San Pedro Avenue.

Within a few minutes of speaking with an officer, Lira was seriously considering the offer.

“It sounds interesting,” said Lira. “So I’m going to apply for them and see how I do.”

SAPD has two additional “Camo to Cops” recruitment drives scheduled this week, at JBSA-Lackland on Thursday and JBSA-Randolph on Friday.  Both sessions run from 10 a.m. until 4 p.m.

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