'A Cutting Perspective': Military cuts a tradition at Brookhollow Barbershop

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SAN ANTONIO – People have been cutting their hair at Brookhollow Barbershop on San Pedro Avenue for a long time, and it's not unheard of to have a son, father and grandfather walk in for a haircut.

"Brookhollow Barbershop has been in this immediate area for over 30 years," owner Dane Bauerle said. 

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Barbers and their clients are like family.

"Norma has been cutting my hair for a long time, and she knows what I like and what I need," said longtime client Donald Snocker. "I enjoy dancing, so I like to keep my hair decent so the ladies won't turn me down."

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Norma said the Alamo City is a great place for members of the military to call home.

"San Antonio is the best place to be. You have the best of both worlds -- we have friendly people here; we have the bases and stuff like that. We have a lot of people who move here to these bases and end up staying here because they like it here," Norma said. 

Appreciation for active military members and veterans runs deep here in Military City, USA, and in this barbershop. 

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"I was discharged in 1946. I was stationed in Texas when I was in the Marine Corps, and I liked the climate and I liked the people that I met. There's a lot of military facilities here. A lot of facilities for veterans as well," Snocker said. 

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