Rainbow-colored crosswalk at Main Avenue could be installed by late June

Funds needed pose some issues

SAN ANTONIO – The Main Avenue strip’s proposed rainbow-colored crosswalks may soon become a reality, but paying and raising money for the project have posed some issues.

“This is really important to show that we are an inclusive society, that we are a welcoming society. And this is a way to acknowledge this very thing in San Antonio, right in the heart of our city,” District 1 Councilman Roberto Trevino said.

Colorful crosswalks were drawn with chalk before last year’s Pride Parade. The city and community members later decided there should be permanent ones.

The proposed rainbow crosswalks are expected to be painted at the intersection of Evergreen Street and Main Avenue. Trevino estimates all four to cost about $5,000 each.

While there’s no timeline to get them done, Trevino hopes to have them installed by the next Pride Parade.

Funding will come from two sources. Approximately $20,000 will come from the city’s general fund, which is what officials will use to upgrade the crosswalks in the area anyway. The other $20,000 needed will come from donations and fundraising.

“This is something that we will work with our own Transportation and Capital Improvement Department to get installed, and then from that point, we’ll look at the durability and the impact of this crosswalk in that area and what it means to traffic,” Trevino said.

The rainbow crosswalks were supposed to be installed by November or December 2017. Trevino is now hopeful organizers will be able to raise the money and install them by the end of June.

“There is a GoFundMe page — crosswalk, pride crosswalk San Antonio — that they can look at. If they need more information, please call our office (210) 207-7279,” Trevino said.