Neighborhood on alert after mysterious overnight shooting

Sheriff's Office says it has no information on shooting victim

SAN ANTONIO – A shooting in West Bexar County has prompted more questions than answers for investigators.

Residents in the 100 block of Balsa Di Prato said they saw evidence of a gunshot victim, but Bexar County deputies do not have any information on a victim.

Bexar County deputies received several reports of shots fired just after midnight Sunday.

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A resident who spoke to KSAT 12 wanted to remain anonymous, but shared what he had experienced.

He said he woke up to the sound of 10 to 15 gunshots and thought his home was under attack.

After grabbing his gun, he walked outside and saw two trails of blood and several shell casings along a sidewalk. He said he saw a group of teenagers yelling that someone had been shot.

He said he wants to see a change in the younger generation.

“This whole 'I am going to shoot you,' it is too stupid and too fast. You don't need a gun to prove you are bigger than somebody,” the resident said.

Several residents told KSAT 12 they specifically chose to live in the neighborhood after a crime-tracking tool showed the area to be peaceful and safe. KSAT 12 crime-tracked the neighborhood, using several community crime maps, and, over the past year, the maps showed the neighborhood to be virtually crime-free.

The Bexar County Sheriff’s Office said that, when deputies arrived at the scene on Sunday morning,  they saw several vehicles leaving the area. The case remains under investigation.

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