Historic luxury railroad car calls Elmendorf home

'The Alamo' can be viewed at Elmendorf Heritage and Railroad Museum

ELMENDORF, Texas – A vintage railroad car has a new home in Bexar County.

Southern Pacific 127, nicknamed "The Alamo," was brought to the Elmendorf Heritage and Railroad Museum after spending years in Pasadena near Houston. 

The Alamo was constructed by the Pullman Company in 1926. After decades of service, it was recommended for retirement in November 1975 and was sold. 
"It sat in Houston, Texas, for a period of time," Rodriguez said. "Jamie Bray, who happened to be a state representative, and he was also a commissioner for Houston, he purchased the car and put it on his estate."

Museum director Marla Rodriguez said the car played host to business meetings and parties.

The car made its way to San Antonio in February 2018 and then was moved to Elmendorf. 

"Our museum got a grant from the city of Elmendorf," Rodriguez said. 

The 1920's luxury travel car has mahogany wood and furniture still in place. 

"She is 92 years old, and she is absolutely beautiful," Rodriguez said. 

The museum is planning for the car's complete restoration and needs funds to move forward.