Authorities make third arrest in prostitution, sexual assault of 15-year-old

At least 3 men charged, more arrests might follow, SAPD says

From left to right: Alfredo Herrera, 25, Ray Hernandez Jr., 28, and Korey Acosta, 20.
From left to right: Alfredo Herrera, 25, Ray Hernandez Jr., 28, and Korey Acosta, 20.

SAN ANTONIO – A 15-year-old girl's call for medical help due to a bad reaction to illegal drugs later led to the arrest of a group of men who allegedly raped her and forced her into prostitution.

Police said Ray Hernandez Jr., 28, Korey Acosta, 20, and Alfredo Herrera, 25, were involved in the prostitution of the teen. An arrest affidavit details how SAPD detectives were able to track down the trio.

More arrests could be forthcoming, police said.

ORIGINAL STORY: Man accused of trafficking 15-year-old victim, using her for sex, police say

The SAPD officer who responded to her call for help on May 8 said the girl told him she had been working as a prostitute earlier in the morning after being with four men for several days, according to an affidavit.

During an interview with a detective, the girl said she had met up with Hernandez, who she said gave her a ride to a home in the Alazan Courts apartment complex just west of downtown, according to the affidavit.

The affidavit states that the girl knew Hernandez from Facebook, and had hung out with him before because he had provided her with illegal drugs.

WATCH: San Antonio police are walking a suspect who is charged with continuous trafficking of a person. **WARNING** This is a live broadcast, so there could be graphic language.

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The victim said she also knew the three other men from Facebook and referred to them as "Perks Marbach," "T-Pain" and "Coach." According to the affidavit, Acosta is "Perks Marbach," Herrera is "T-Pain," and "Coach" has not been identified.

The girl said she took drugs shortly after meeting up with the men and remained "high" for about four days, according to the affidavit.

The man she called Coach not only forced her to perform oral sex on him but also to have sex at a hotel near Valley-Hi Drive after being dropped off by Hernandez and Acosta, the affidavit states. She said Coach later gave Acosta money for having sex with her when she got back to the Alazan Courts.

The affidavit states that the teen was also forced to have sex with Hernandez, Acosta and Herrera during her stay at the apartment. The girl told the detective she was able to leave them due to her not feeling well after taking the narcotics.

The girl described the residence where she was taken by the men as being near Lanier High School. After the detective showed the girl a Google Maps image and took her to the 300 block of Violeta Place, she said the location was the residence.

The girl said the residence is where she was forced to comply with the men’s demands due to their aggressive behavior toward her when she tried to refuse, according to the affidavit.

According to the affidavit, the teen told the detective that Hernandez began prostituting her to men for money sometime last October, and was most recently forced to have sex with Coach. She also said that Hernandez would “count his money in front of her” at the locations where she had sex with other men.

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She told the detective that Hernandez and Acosta went as far as “pimping her out” after Acosta was once a paying customer.

Hernandez's charge of continuous trafficking of persons is a first-degree felony and if convicted, he faces 25-99 years in prison.

On Thursday, Herrera was charged with sexual assault of a child, a second-degree felony.

On Friday, Acosta was charged with trafficking a child, a first-degree felony.

Authorities are still collecting evidence and more arrests may follow, San Antonio police said.

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