SA Company lets parents rent drug-sniffing dogs to search home, kid's bedroom

Universal K9 rents drug dogs for home searches

Universal K9
Universal K9

SAN ANTONIO – Universal K9 is a San Antonio nonprofit organization that helps parents and guardians keep their homes free from drugs.

The company rents drug-sniffing dogs for a fee, typically between $250 and $400, to search a home.

Prices depend on the size of the area someone wants searched.

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The dog handlers don’t search for anything, it’s all up to the dogs who will alert the handler to an area.

It’s the homeowner's responsibility to search the area after the dog has signaled out the area.

Watch the video below to learn about Universal K9's Veteran Program:

A Universal K9 spokesperson said if user amounts are found, it’s up to the parent to handle the situation but if it’s bulk quantity that’s a different story.

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Typically Bexar County and SAPD officers aren’t called for user amounts, according to the spokesperson.

Find more information on the company’s website, here.

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