Two new Comal ISD middle schools just the beginning of district expansion

Parents, students toured new Pieper and Danville middle schools Monday

COMAL COUNTY, Texas – Massive growth in Comal County created a need for more schools.

That's why voters approved a 2015 bond to build two new middle schools, and they're ready to open in just a few weeks.

Danville Middle School off 35 near the Garden Ridge neighborhood will welcome 600 students. Pieper Middle School off 281 and Borgfeld Drive will welcome 1,100.

This is just the beginning of Comal ISD's expansion.

"Our tax dollars were well spent," said Yolanda Williams, who will have two daughters attending Pieper Middle School.

Williams said the school is much closer to her house than other schools.

"Our kids had a 40-minute commute each way going out to Smithson Valley. Most of us came from Indian Springs Elementary School and almost all these schools are at capacity, so it was needed," she said.

It was the same message from parents touring Danville.

"It was about a 40-minute drive and now it's about 15," said Katie Guerra, who is sending her two sons to Danville.

The other campuses are maxed out. Comal is the second fastest growing county in the nation.

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Many factors are contributing to that growth including impressive economic conditions and a rise in home sales and new homes.

"Right now, we're averaging about 1,000 students per year, that's about 4-and-a-half percent growth and so, this year we're going to surpass 23,000 students. Ten years from now, we'll be surpassing 35,000 students," said Comal ISD Communications Director Steve Stanford.

Stanford said a bond passed last year will add two new high schools by 2021. One will be next to Pieper Middle school and the other next to Danville Middle School.

"We see there's a need for new elementary schools as well, so we see in the next 10 years we'll probably be opening, starting in 2020, a new school just about every year," Stanford said.

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