San Antonio International Airport adds 11 nonstop flights

SAN ANTONIO – The San Antonio International Airport on Monday added 11 new nonstop flights to cities across the country.

Frontier Airlines will offer nonstop flights to Orange County, Jacksonville, Omaha, Charlotte, Tulsa, Cleveland, Memphis, Oklahoma City, Albuquerque, Columbus and Salt Lake City.

The 11 new flights bring the total number of nonstop destinations from the San Antonio International Airport to 54. According to a news release, 25 of the nonstop destinations are serviced by Frontier Airlines.

"With San Antonio being a growing city, there's growing demand for air travel," said Richard Oliver of Frontier Airlines. "We've recognized that people want to go on those vacations and visit those families and sometimes they aren't able to. It was an expensive airport to fly out of."

Officials with Frontier Airlines said the new flights will get people to their destinations faster without the hassle of layovers and connecting flights.