Judson ISD starts new school year with new superintendent

Dr. Jeanette Ball starts her second month on job as classes begin Monday

SAN ANTONIO – New year, new schools, new leadership: It's all happening within Judson Independent School District  as the 2018-2019 school year kicks off under the leadership of new superintendent, Dr. Jeanette Ball. 

Ball energetically greeted teachers, staff and construction crews Friday who were all busy putting the finishing touches on the new Escondido Elementary School on Texas Palm Drive before the first day of classes on Monday.

“Making sure teachers have all the resources and have everything that they need,” Ball said. “And not just teachers. Whether you work in the cafeteria, you drive a bus for us, or you’re helping us with maintenance- making sure that they have everything that they need.”

One of her biggest goals for the district includes enhancing students’ access to technology. 
“I'd like to consider someone to one-to-one option in the area of technology where all of our students are equipped with a device,” she said. “I’d also like to enhance the fine arts.”

Ball said she is already thankful to the community for approving past bond packages to allow the district to build new facilities as the area continues to see rapid growth.

She hopes to see a new middle school built within Judson ISD under her leadership. 

As for her education philosophy, she believes in taking care of the whole child.

“Its not just about a one day test,” Ball said. “Its about making sure we're addressing their social and emotional needs through counseling and making sure that we're providing good opportunities for our students.”

“I always use the analogy of a buffet,” she added. “So when you go to a buffet, you have a lot of different things to choose from. So, my goal is to continue to add and enhance our buffet options for our students. Whether its fine arts, athletics, STEM, computers -- whatever the case may be -- that we offer those opportunities for our students.”

Prior to taking the superintendent position in Judson ISD, Ball worked as the superintendent in Uvalde CISD. 

She is originally from Del Rio.

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