Raw, untreated water sample from well indicates presence of E. coli bacteria, SAWS says

SAWS: Distribution water safe to drink

SAN ANTONIO – A raw, untreated water sample from a well near Bear Creek Drive indicated the presence of E. coli bacteria during standard water quality sampling, according to San Antonio Water System.

Water officials said the well is in far west San Antonio, between West Military Drive and Loop 1604, south of Marbach Road and north of Highway 90 West.

The well, which is a residual of the former BexarMet system, is used infrequently, officials said.

SAWS will investigate the possible source of the bacteria, disinfect the well and conduct further testing to determine future actions concerning the well, officials said.

Raw or untreated water is water from a well before disinfection and before entering the distribution system. According to SAWS, all raw or untreated water is disinfected before entering the distribution system as finished water for customers.

SAWS has collected approximately 192 finished water samples from the water system this month so far. Officials said none of the samples indicated the presence of E. coli.

"We are constantly testing San Antonio's water to ensure it is high quality," said Donovan Burton, Vice President Water Resources and Governmental Relations. "Finding this result and responding to it is part of the process of ensuring safe drinking water."

Officials said it is not necessary to boil or treat drinking water or take any other action prior to consumption.

Under the Groundwater Rule established by the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency and the Texas Commission on Environmental Quality, SAWS is required to provide public notice if a water well tests positive for E. coli or fecal bacteria, water officials said.

Click here to view the TCEQ Notice for more details.