Man finds his dog living on streets after 3-year search in heartwarming video

Man reunited with dog after three years

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TBILISI, Georgia – Giorgi Bereziani has been reunited with his dog Jorge after three years.

Bereziani lost Jorge in 2015 and posted signs all around Tbilisi, Georgia, looking for his four-legged friend but to no avail.

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It wasn’t until workers at a local opera house called Bereziani saying they spotted a dog that looked like it might be his that he was hopeful.

Bereziani went to the opera house as soon as he got the call, and the rest is best told via video.

Jorge’s excitement is palpable. Watch below:


The yellow tag on the dog’s ear indicates that Jorge was taken off the street by animal control, was deemed harmless to society, and was released after being vaccinated.

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