Fire union president to speak at presser after Props B, C pass on Election Day

Chris Steele has been out of public eye since heated press conference last month

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SAN ANTONIO – For the first time in weeks, San Antonio Fire Union President Chris Steele is expected to hold a press conference following the passing of two of the three charter amendments on Election Day.

Steele has hidden from the public eye since a heated press conference with local media last month, along with the release of several audio recordings that seem to dispute what he said were amendments' intentions.

Proposition A would have lowered the number of signatures needed to challenge a city council decision.

Voters, however, approved Proposition B and C.

Proposition B is set to cap the city manager's term to eight years and cap their pay to ten times the salary of the lowest paid full-time city employee. It does not apply to current city manager Sheryl Sculley.

Proposition C provides the fire union the power to force the city into arbirtation but will not apply to the current contract stalemate.