Strip club operating under new name after losing liquor license amid human trafficking investigation

BCSO: Blush Show Club and Restaurant allowed teen girl to work as dancer

SAN ANTONIO – UPDATE: A strip club is now operating under a new name after Bexar County and state authorities announced they pulled its liquor license in connection with an alleged human trafficking case.

Blush Show Club and Restaurant along Northeast Loop 410 near Perrin Beitel Road is operating under the new name Diamonds Show Club with the acronym BYOB, or Bring Your Own Beer.

The club is next to an apartment complex playground and just yards away from Serna Elementary School.

Resident Hector Ortiz said he's never seen any problems from the club spill over into the complex. However, he said it's been quiet for several weeks.

"Whatever they got caught doing sucks, but we're over here, so it's none of my business," he said.

Other parents say they want to know what permanent solution investigators will find.

The state took Blush's liquor license, so the establishment won't be able to apply for a state liquor license for a year unless it's under a new permittee.

The previous owner is barred from receiving a Texas Alcoholic Beverage Commission permit for at least three years.

The investigation stemmed from an arrest last fall at a strip club in Von Ormy. The man arrested, Eric Taylor, will go to trial on a human trafficking charge in June.


A San Antonio strip club is no longer able to sell liquor after officials said an investigation revealed it allowed a 16-year-old girl to work as an exotic dancer.

The liquor license for Blush Show Club and Restaurant, in the 2500 block of NE Loop 410, was revoked due to charges of human trafficking, said Bentley Nettles, executive director of the Texas Alcoholic Beverage Commission.

On Thursday, Sheriff Javier Salazar said the long-term investigation began in August 2018 when deputies went to another strip club, the MGM Cabaret, in Von Ormy, for a report of a shooting.

According to a previous KSAT.com report, a man and a woman were shot during an altercation with the shooter in the MGM Cabaret's parking lot.

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"This turned into something much darker and a little more in depth than what we had expected," Salazar said.

During a sting operation in September, deputies said they caught Eric Taylor, 24, with the teen girl in his car in MGM Cabaret's parking lot. He was arrested and charged with sexual assault of a child.

Between 2017 and 2018, Salazar said there had been over 80 incidents at the MGM Cabaret. The unlicensed all-nude, after-hours club was shut down the day after Taylor's arrest.

Salazar said the investigation also revealed Taylor forced the girl to work at the Blush Show Club and Restaurant.

"(After) getting more information on some of the establishments here locally that were hiring this young lady to dance but also to perform sex acts for hire out of their establishments," Salazar said.

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The teen girl told investigators she was making $1,000 a day for Taylor, who also had her recruit other girls to engage in prostitution. Taylor forced at least 10 girls, some of whom were runaways, into prostitution and work at various strip clubs, according to BCSO.

While Blush Show Club and Restaurant is now on the path of joining MGM Cabaret in going out of business, Nettles said revoking its liquor license sends a clear message to other establishments across the state.

"This is a historic event for TABC because this is the first permit that we canceled in Texas for human trafficking," Nettles said, adding the action puts Blush "out of business."

"We want to send the message to those criminals (and clubs) out there ... we are going to find you and put you out of business," Nettles said.

Other locations locally and across the state are now under investigation after the teen girl said she had worked at several other strip clubs, Nettles said.


Salazar said more arrests could be made in the case, and Taylor could face additional charges in connection with the ongoing investigation.

"This is not the finish line here. This case is very much ongoing," Salazar said.

In November, Taylor was rearrested on a charge of continuous trafficking of persons.

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According to online records, Taylor is no longer facing the sexual assault of a child charge after the case was dismissed.

Taylor was released from the Bexar County Jail on April 12 after he posted bail for the trafficking charge, according to online records.

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