Governance Board recommends conservator be placed over South San ISD


SAN ANTONIO – An independent coach with Lone Star Governance recommends a state conservator be placed over South San ISD.

Laurie Elliott, a Lone Star Governance coach and monitor for the Texas Education Agency presented her five-month report to the board Wednesday. Her report indicates the district is failing its goals to improve student outcome.

Districts elect to be reviewed by Lone Star Governance, with the goal of helping governing teams to collaborate between administrators and the school board to improve student outcomes.

Elliott has been in attendance at numerous workshops and board meetings where she watched the board micromanage the superintendent. She pointed to numerous occasions when the superintendent was ignored or reprimanded openly by the board.

"All budgetary matters are handled by a board budget committee with the assistance of a consulting company, which the superintendent was pressured to hire," she said.

She noticed at one of the meetings several students spoke up, sharing their personal stories of mental health and asking that the board consider investing the money intended to reopen three shut down schools into programs and a community wellness center. She said the board continued with their plans to reopen the schools.

She said the majority board has been making decisions without listening to other board members, superintendent and staff or community.

The monitor will continue to work with the board and administration to ensure the district reaches its goals of improving student outcomes.

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