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Free KSAT content livestreamed to your device

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There are several ways you can watch the new KSAT-TV livestream.  We have “KSAT12 Originals”, every KSAT12 Newscast, and some shows that you’ve never seen before but they could become your most favorite!  You can watch the KSAT-TV livestream in several ways:

  • Watch on the KSAT12 App by clicking “Watch Live” in the “hamburger menu” at the top left of the app’s home page.
  • Watch on your Roku device by plugging the Roku into the HDMI slot on your TV, then signing into or creating your Roku account.  Once you’re on the home screen, just click the “search” feature and search for KSAT12.  You will see the livestream app there and you can begin watching immediately, for free!
  • Watch on your Amazon Fire stick.  Once again, you just plug the Amazon box or stick into the HDMI slot on your TV, sign into or create an Amazon account, then search for KSAT12 in the search box.  You can then begin watching 24/7, for free!
  • You can perform the same steps if you have a Samsung Smart TV.  Just search in the app store on your TV and search for “KSAT12”. 
  • You can also watch using an Apple TV.  Just plug your Apple TV into your TV, sign into your account and search for “KSAT12”.  You can download our app and begin watching for free!

If you have any problems finding the KSAT12 Livestream on your TV, Phone, Tablet or other device, just call us at 210-351-1200 and ask for Engineering.  We can walk you through the process very simply and you can begin watching free TV today, all brought to you by KSAT12.