Residents troubled after elderly woman's body found decomposing in her home

Norma Turiano Woods was discovered July 14 on Stonybrook Drive

SAN ANTONIO – People in a Southwest Side neighborhood are troubled after their 87-year-old neighbor's body was found decomposing inside her home.  

Norma Turiano Woods was found inside her home on Stonybrook Drive near Fleethill Drive on July 14. 

Woods' neighbor, Manuel Lopez, said he wants to know what happened to her. 

Lopez said he often chit-chatted with the victim from the side of her fence and she would offer him fruit from her garden. 

"Just a nice lady, and I get upset if something happened to her," he said. 

The Bexar County Medical Examiner's Office has not yet determined how Woods died, but police investigators said they found no obvious signs of trauma. 

Investigators deemed the death suspicious because of the state the victim's home was in. Police found furniture moved around and broken glass and dishes. 

The woman's adult son was also found in the kitchen, but the man, who is in his 50s, did not communicate with authorities.

Lopez worries someone hurt his neighbor.  

"I get upset because, sho did this to the lady? She didn't do nothing to nobody," Lopez said. 

Neighbors believe a lot of Woods' family members are in the Philippines. 

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