KOALA CAM: Take a live look inside the koala habitat at San Antonio Zoo

Watch the 24-hour livestream from Burra's enclosure at the zoo

SAN ANTONIO – Editor's note: Thanks for watching the Koala Cam, which ended Sept. 3. The Koalas have been returned to their home at the San Diego Zoo. Stay tuned, we plan on having another zoo camera soon. We understand the San Antonio Zoo has an exhibit featuring Tree Kangaroos in the near future. No date has been set yet when the exhibit will open.

Koalas from the San Diego Zoo will be spending their summer vacation in San Antonio.

You can visit the marsupials in person at the San Antonio Zoo during operating hours and you can also watch our 24-hour Koala cam livestreaming from the zoo! (Click the video above.)

The star of the livestream is Burra (pronounced Bur-ah). He is a 5-year-old koala who loves to munch on eucalyptus leaves. You can see Burra and his mate, Warrin, during Wild Australia through Sept. 2 at the zoo.

Get ready to spend a little koala-ty time at San Antonio Zoo



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