No decision made regarding future of La Vernia ISD superintendent; Special meeting on Wednesday

LA VERNIA, TexasUPDATE: La Vernia ISD will hold a second special meeting on Wednesday to discuss the future of Superintendent Trent Lovette after a string of allegations involving inappropriate behavior came to light.

The meeting will start at 7 p.m. and will be held at La Vernia High School Building 500.


The public was anticipating a decision Friday for the superintendent of La Vernia Independent School District. His fate was placed in the hands of the school board after a string of allegations involving inappropriate behavior.

Parents against and in support of the superintendent sounded off during a school board meeting Friday. The board then went behind closed doors for about three hours, but it ended up adjourning without taking any action.

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The is just the latest scandal the district is facing. An athletic hazing scandal involving reports of sexual assault between students was exposed in 2017. And in November 2017, Dr. Jose Moreno resigned as superintendent.

Dr. Trent Lovette took over the leadership position.

"These kids need stability. They don't need a revolving door. They are still healing from the last scandal. You cannot change it up on them again," said one meeting attendee.

"I stand behind the superintendent I know, the one who has sacrificed to give La Vernia the best he can," said another attendee.

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Lovette was placed on paid administrative leave late last year and was later reinstated after a string of incidents. Among a list from August to November 2018, records leaked to the KSAT Defenders show allegations that inappropriate videos of a sexual nature popped up on Lovette's YouTube account while a fellow employee was helping him troubleshoot his work computer.

The latest accusation against the superintendent stems from a football game in Sinton last week. A cheerleader told police she felt a hand slide back and forth on her lower back and made her feel uncomfortable.

"He was in a brisk walk the whole time, and when he walked by the girls, he did just like this. That is the only thing we saw the whole time," a meeting attendee said, referring to Lovette's alleged behavior.

The school board released the following statement to KSAT after the meeting:

"A great deal has been published and circulated on social media regarding La Vernia ISD this week. The La Vernia ISD Board of Trustees takes very seriously its obligation to make the best choices for our students, our staff, and our school community, and this instance is no exception.

"What that in mind, we intend to make fully informed decisions and will not rush to judgment.

"We ask for your patience as we continue to get more facts and determine the best way forward for our district. Above all, we would ask for respectful treatment of our students and staff at this time."

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