PopSocket made Koozies with handgrips, and it's genius

Why hasn't anyone thought of this before?

Courtesy photo.
Courtesy photo.

As cellphones got bigger, it became harder for people to hold their phones without them slipping from their hands. That's when the PopSocket came into play and basically changed the way people can hold their phones forever. Now, the company is back with another genius invention, except it involves a drink in your hand. 

Let us introduce to you the PopThirst, aka a PopSocket for your drink. Anyone who has been to a tailgate that involves beer or walked down a busy city street with a hot coffee in hand knows that accidents happen, and spilling your drink is very likely. 

The PopThirst is basically a stylish Koozie with the PopSocket handgrip attached to the side of it, ensuring that even the clumsiest of people will never have to worry about spilling their drink on someone (or themselves) again. 

The PopThirst has two different styles: PopThirst Can Holders and Cup Sleeves. The can holders are exactly what's in the name. The can holders come in a variety of fun patterns that suit every personality. There's everything from a  Scary Spice-influenced design to a floral look that would be great for your Instagram. 

The Cup Sleeve looks like it can fit on almost any hot or cold to-go coffee cup, and comes with the same handgrip. 

The PopThirst is just $15, which isn't too bad for the amount of relief it's about to bring to your life. Like seriously, how has no one thought of this until now? 


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