Medical testimony in murder trial disputes accused killer's claim

Cameron Roby told police girlfriend shot accidentally

SAN ANTONIO – A jury heard from what could prove to be a trial's most important witness as the murder trial of Cameron Roby, 34, neared an end Thursday.

Following his arrest on the night of April 26, 2018, on suspicion of the murder of his girlfriend, Roby told police she was shot accidently when a gun fell from a shelf to the floor and discharged. But on Thursday, the medical examiner’s testimony told a different story during Roby’s murder trial.

“The tip of the gun was touching her head when the trigger was pulled,” said Dr. William McClain, the medical examiner, in court during testimony.

Roby and his girlfriend, Adrienne Dameron, 34, had argued that night over her alleged drug use, according to earlier testimony.

John Harvey, 54, who was allowing the couple to share his East Side apartment, said Roby suddenly pulled a gun from his waistband, pointed it at Dameron’s head and pulled the trigger.

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The medical examiner said Dameron died instantly.

“I determined that the bullet wound passing through her brain caused her death by injuring the brain, fracturing her skull and creating hemorrhages in her cranial cavity,” McClain said during testimony.

He said Dameron had cocaine and methamphetamine in her system but neither contributed to her death.

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Closing arguments and jury deliberations in Roby’s trial are set for Friday morning in Judge Velia Meza’s 226th District Court.

If convicted, Roby faces a maximum sentence of life in prison.

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