Jury views video evidence of moment accused drunken driver hits motorcyclist, killing him

Ricky Cantu accused of driving into the path of motorcyclist

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SAN ANTONIO – An accused drunken driver is facing murder charges after allegedly pulling into the path of a motorcyclist. A jury on Tuesday morning viewed a short video clip captured by a convenience store security camera that showed Rudy Borrego, 51, on his motorcycle as it crashed broadside into a pickup truck driven by Ricky Cantu, 57.

Prosecutors told the jury that Cantu's blood alcohol level was well above the legal limit as he pulled into the path of Borrego in the 100 block of South Laredo Street on the evening of Feb. 24, 2018.

Prosecutor Clinton Malloy told the jury during his opening statement that Borrego had no chance to avoid the crash.

"He puts on his brakes and eventually goes to his last resort, which is to lay the motorcycle on its side," Malloy said.

Mario Infante was the state's first witness. He testified that he was driving behind Cantu.

"As he's turning, I hear an impact," Infante said. "I turn to my left after hearing it and see the motorcycle under the truck."

During his opening remarks, defense attorney Robert Gebbia said, "The motorcyclist caused this accident. Let's be clear about that."

He said he would prove that statement. 

This was Cantu's third drunken driving arrest, making it a felony and upgrading the charges from intoxication manslaughter to felony murder.

If convicted, he is facing a maximum punishment of life in prison.

Testimony is expected to continue Wednesday in Judge Catherine Torres-Stahl's 175th District Court.

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