'Life in the Shadows' Segment 1: 'Bad Days, Drugs and Drainage Tunnels'

SAN ANTONIO – Addiction is often a fact of life on the streets of San Antonio. For Gabriel, it led him underground. 

This segment profiles Gabriel's life in a drainage tunnel and Pastor Ron Brown, who is the outreach coordinator for Haven For Hope and our guide into the homeless community. 

The two men actually come together in this segment, but they are also very candid and honest about what life is like on the street. 

Brown's battle is to clean up the drug addiction he sees on the streets and offer people a way out, but he knows the battle against the needle is a tough one, especially in a city that doesn't provide easy places to get addiction help.

'Life in the Shadows' Segments:

Segment 1: 'Bad Days, Drugs and Drainage Tunnels'

Segment 2: 'Families On The Street'

Segment 3: 'Bob's Bridge'

Segment 4: 'Leaves, Limbs and Independence'

Segment 5: 'The Founder and the Faithful'


DIGITAL EXTRA: Mayor Nirenberg weighs in after City Council votes to hire San Francisco company for homeless plan

San Antonio Mayor Ron Nirenberg spoke with KSAT about the San Francisco company that the City Council voted to contract to come up with a plan to confront San Antonio's homeless population problem. 



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