'Life in the Shadows' Segment 4: 'Leaves, Limbs and Independence'

SAN ANTONIO – Independence is a big thing for a lot of the people who don't have homes. They want to live the way they want to live. 

KSAT'S Steve Spriester profiles a couple who tries to make a living by crafting palm leaves into creations, from crosses to flowers, all while dispensing their own philosophy of "Live and Let Live." 

Then, there's a call for help that none of the members of the Haven For Hope Outreach Team were ready for -- a man without hands or legs, living in deplorable conditions. 

Brandon's fiercely independent spirit and the affection of the people who live on the same street show a community coming together to help.

'Life in the Shadows' Segments:

Segment 1: 'Bad Days, Drugs and Drainage Tunnels'

Segment 2: 'Families On The Street'

Segment 3: 'Bob's Bridge'

Segment 4: 'Leaves, Limbs and Independence'

Segment 5: 'The Founder and the Faithful'

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