'Life in the Shadows' Segment 5: 'The Founder and the Faithful'

SAN ANTONIO – Bill Greehey saw the KSAT homeless special nearly 14 years ago and decided to take action. 

Greehey wanted to help San Antonio establish its first 24-hour homeless shelter, but he also wanted it to be more than just a place to house people. 

He and city leaders came up with the Haven For Hope concept, a transitional living facility that offers job training, medical and mental help for those that wanted assistance. 

Greehey has poured millions into Haven and talks about the future and whether his dream facility can survive without him. 

Mitchell Brooks was our guide into the San Antonio homeless community 14 years ago. We catch up with him to see how he thinks things have changed since he was homeless. 

Brooks also talks about battling drug addiction and mental health problems. 

We also update the people we profile, to show how they're doing today, how they're dealing with homelessness in San Antonio.

'Life in the Shadows' Segments:

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Segment 5: 'The Founder and the Faithful'



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