Video: Enormous crab snaps golfer’s club in half in Australia

Robber crab gives golfer unexpected handicap

Robber crab on Christmas Island in 2017. Photo from on Flickr. (Flickr)

CHRISTMAS ISLAND, Aus. – A golfer in Australia got an unexpected handicap in the form of an enormous crab.

The robber crab, also known as a coconut crab, climbed up one man’s golf bag and perched itself among the clubs.

Kerry Buhner, the wife of the man who shot the video, posted the crab run-in to Youtube on Monday, despite the incident actually taking place in Oct. 2020, according to the Free Press Journal.

**Warning: Video contains graphic language.

The robber crab is the largest land crustacean in the world, according to, and Christmas Island, where the video was shot, is home to the largest population of these crabs.

As the man struggles to get the crab off of his clubs, his buddy who is filming the incident, cheekily says, “I’d help ya, but it’s one of those moments where it seems funny to watch.”

The men banter back and forth before realizing the crab broke the shaft of one of the drivers.

“That’s not fair, I love that club,” you can hear one of the men say in the video.

The men conceded defeat to the robber crab at the end of the video and left the crustacean with a victory prize, the headcover to the snapped driver.


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