Bear enters California home to chow down on freshly baked cake

Bear went for a swim day at neighboring house before his cake crime

A freshly baked chocolate cake proved just right for a bear in the Los Angeles suburbs that managed to scoff the treat before being chased off by police.

SIMI VALLEY, Cali. – Not too hot and not too cold, one California bear thought a freshly baked cake was just right.

Simi Valley Police responded to multiple calls for a bear at a residence over the weekend.

On Saturday the bear was spotted swimming in one resident’s pool. The California Department of Fish and Wildlife was contacted and the bear ran off.

On Sunday the same bear was spotted at a neighboring residence and the homeowner contacted the police.

The woman told police the bear entered her kitchen through an open door and that she and her son were locked in a bedroom upstairs.

Police arrived at the home and the woman tossed the keys to the house to officers who then entered through the front door.

Body cam video shows police enter the home armed with “less lethal launchers” that deploy large rubber projectiles, intended to scare the animal out of the home, according to a Simi Valley Police Department Facebook post.

“As the officers entered the residence, they observed the bear in the kitchen. It appeared the bear ate a freshly baked cake and rummaged through the refrigerator,” the post states. “The bear was scared off by the officers’ presence and ran out the door and into the backyard.”

The video in the media player at the top of this article shows the bear leaving the home through the backyard and climbing a fence.

Officers said the bear climbed a nearby tree where it hung out for about 10 minutes before climbing back down and retreating back into the hills behind the neighborhood.

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