Texas sisters go viral on TikTok for hilarious haircut video people are calling ‘coming-of-age movie’

Anyone with siblings will likely be able to relate to the girls’ hijinks

MISSION, Texas – An untimely haircut turned viral on TikTok for one group of Texas sisters.

The oldest sister, 15-year-old Valentina, started recording a “get unready with me” clip for social media earlier this month but it’s the start of a nearly six-minute video that some people have started referring to as a “coming-of-age movie.”

Valentina posted the now-viral video to her TikTok page palmview956oficial last week where it has nearly 3.5 million views but it really took off when it was shared to X where it has nearly 150 million views.

Gresia, the matriarch of the family, told MyRGV she actually posted the video to her TikTok after the unplanned cut on Sept. 4 but her account was banned by TikTok due to children screaming so she reposted it to her new account.

Anyone with siblings will likely be able to relate to the girls’ hijinks, which kick off with 9-year-old Khaleesi borrowing scissors from Valentina. She hands over a pair of scissors to Khaleesi and says “Be careful,” but screaming follows pretty quickly after.

“Khaleesi cut my hair. I told you. I told you right here,” 8-year-old Camelia tells her oldest sister.

That’s where the video takes an even bigger turn — Mom has now heard the commotion and has come to investigate, and we find out that the next day is picture day.

According to MyRGV, a well-established rule in the household stipulates that when someone misbehaves then the Wi-Fi gets turned off, so the girls band together to keep the new ‘do a secret from their mom.

The video shows the girls managing to fend off their mother (temporarily), and convince 3-year-old sister Magdelena to be quiet with the promise of a cookie while Valentina Googles how to fix hair.

“There’s people on there saying they were going through a depression and this made their day, and others said their sibling died and this made them think of them,” Gresia told MyRGV. “People are coming up to them wanting to take pictures with them. We are very humbled by it. They’re noticing our kids for a good reason. If we can bring this much joy to people, right on. This is awesome.”

It’s a true testament to sisterhood and worth a watch. Even celebrities like Halle Berry and San Antonio’s Shea Serrano have reshared it on their X accounts. You can watch the full video here.

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