December 1 is the most common day for home break-ins in Texas, according to Allstate

The insurance company offered advice on avoiding becoming a burglary victim

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December 1 is the day of the year with the most home break-ins in Texas, according to Allstate.

The insurance company said that has been a trend in Texas over the last 10 years.

“Think twice before advertising your Thanksgiving travel plans on social media or leaving your Black Friday shopping boxes out on the curb. The last thing you want is for a break-in to ruin your holiday fun,” said San Antonio Allstate agent, Ralph Peña in a press release.

Allstate recommends that you keep an updated list of your valuables with serial numbers in case you are ever a victim of a burglary. And don’t keep that list on your computer, in case that’s one of the items that is stolen.

Allstate offered the following tips to avoid becoming a burglary victim:

1. Lock up

“Even if you’re just running out on a short errand, make sure all doors and windows are locked. Steel doors and deadbolt locks provide the best security. Also, always keep your garage door shut and locked.”

2. Advertise deterrents

“An alarm system is an excellent deterrent to crime, as long as it’s used consistently. The system should include a loud siren and motion sensors. Display security system decals on your windows and doors.”

3. Don’t publicize your plans

“Be careful when tweeting or posting Facebook and Instagram updates about the vacation you’re on or the event you’re at. If you are away, keep lights on a timer, have your mail and newspaper delivery stopped and ask a family member or trusted neighbor to pick up any packages or flyers left outside.”

4. Know what you’ve got.

“If you become the unfortunate victim of theft, it will make the claim process easier if you have a complete inventory of any missing items.”

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