Friend of man injured in hit-and-run crash hopes surveillance video might yield clues

Michelle Marroquin believes victim was hit intentionally

SAN ANTONIO – A friend of a man who was injured in a hit-and-run crash on the South Side is hopeful that surveillance video will yield some clues about the driver who fled the scene.

“Oh, they’ll catch him,” said Michelle Marroquin. “They have cameras here and they work.”

Several hours after the early Tuesday crash, Marroquin returned to the parking lot of an E-Z Wash laundry on West Southcross near Zarzamora, where the crash occurred.

Marroquin shook her head as she looked at the smashed glass window that was damaged when her friend slammed into it after he was hit by a pickup.

Witness: Driver purposely tried to kill man with pickup

San Antonio police received a call about the crash just before 1:30 a.m., and when they arrived, the driver and victim were gone.

Marroquin said her friend, the injured man, initially wandered down the street to her home.

“I don't know how he made it, walking over there. He was bleeding from his ear and his arms were all, like, bad,” she said.

Police later found the man in the neighborhood and convinced him to go to a hospital by ambulance.

Marroquin said he told her that he initially had exchanged words with a man who was doing his laundry at the E-Z Wash. But things quickly escalated.

“He was arguing with this man, and he told him, ‘Well get out of the car.’ The man, he just stayed in the truck and he just ran over him,” she said. “He said the man ran over him intentionally. He stepped on the gas and just went at him.”

Marroquin is convinced the crash was no accident.

A witness told KSAT 12 News that the driver hit the man more than once and appeared to be trying to kill him.

Police searched the area for the vehicle involved, described as a red Chevy pickup, but they did not find it.

The laundry has several surveillance cameras posted inside and outside the building.

One of them is aimed directly at the window where the victim landed.

KSAT 12 News contacted the laundry’s owner by phone early Tuesday morning.

At that time, he said that he had not yet viewed the surveillance video, but he did plan to make it available to investigators.

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