Police release photos of men believed to be behind string of robberies in San Antonio area

Police: 2 men with medium builds and hoodies used guns to steal cash and property

The Balcones Heights Police Department is hoping to catch robbers believed to be tied to about a half-dozen cases throughout the area.

BALCONES HEIGHTS, Texas – Balcones Heights Police Chief John Jahanara released photos of two men he says are responsible for a string of recent robberies throughout the San Antonio area, including one at a Balcones Heights Circle K early Wednesday morning.

‘No predicting where it might happen next’: SAPD investigating string of convenience store robberies

The photos show what appears to be the two thieves with medium builds. One of them was wearing a blue hoodie with a red bandana around his face, and the other was wearing a black hoodie.

“We received a call early in the morning, about 1:41 approximately, from our Valero Circle K. (We) received a call from the clerk that it had just been robbed at gunpoint,” Jahanara said. “These individuals with the clothing description may be tied into what happened earlier with San Antonio, starting the night before on their robberies that (San Antonio police are) investigating, too.”

Jahanara is reminding the community to be vigilant.

“Just be cautious and aware, especially around this time of the season, because you never can be too careful,” Jahanara said.

Police said the two suspects, at minimum, face felony aggravated robbery charges, but more charges could be possible.

If you have any information about the case, or if you notice any suspicious activity, call local police.