The viral videos that had San Antonio talking in 2019

Escaped zebras, giant sinkholes, dam collapse were top viral videos

Viral Videos 2019
Viral Videos 2019

SAN ANTONIO – This past year we saw many local stories go viral because of videos that were sent in by viewers or were trending on social media.

The following list (in no particular order) are 10 of the videos that you probably clicked on a few times to watch over and over.

Zebra escape in New Braunfels: Two zebras back in August escaped their pens in New Braunfels and the chase was on to recapture them. Viewer videos showed the moment one of the zebras was roaming the streets and the other shows when the captured zebra was being transported via helicopter.

Mixer truck mishap: A concrete mixer truck dumped massive amounts of wet concrete onto San Antonio streets and onto one driver’s brand-new car. No word yet if the driver of this mixer truck was ever found.

Trays fly at San Antonio Popeyes: This fall was the season of the Popeyes chicken sandwich craze. Video of a fight at Popeyes on San Antonio’s South Side went viral after an employee and a customer were seen throwing trays at each other inside the restaurant.

Highway 90 collapse: Highway 90 at Hunt Lane had to be closed down for several days after a deep hole in the road formed that was caused by a sewer main collapse. Sky 12 got an aerial view of just how big the problem was.

Lakers visit Mi Tierra: Lebron James, Danny Green and fellow teammates made a stop at Mi Tierra after a victory over the Spurs in November. The Twitter video also shows James yelling “Taco Tuesday” at the top of his lungs.

VIA driver helps disabled women: A local VIA driver got a lot of props for helping a disabled patron and her two young sons cross a busy intersection in July.

'Good morning, y’all’: A morning greeting made San Antonio high school student Nicolas Cuadra a viral sensation across the world.

The Well hit-and-run: A viewer captured the moment with a car struck two women in the parking lot of the Northwest Side bar, The Well, back in May. The video was viewed by almost 3 million people.

Dam failure: A big story this summer was the dam failure at Lake Dunlap. This video shows the exact moment a spillgate collapsed causing the lake to drop nearly seven feet.

Blue Bell licker: While the incident didn’t happen in San Antonio, the infamous Blue Bell licker was from San Antonio. The juvenile in the video got national attention after seen licking a Blue Bell tub and then putting it back on the shelf.

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