Viral video of woman licking Blue Bell ice cream didn't happen at H-E-B, official confirms

SAPD not investigating, hasn't been contacted by Blue Bell

SAN ANTONIO – UPDATE: San Antonio police are investigating the incident after multiple people posted to social media claiming the incident occurred in San Antonio, according to a spokesperson with the police department.

Detectives can't confirm that the ice cream licking incident occurred in SAPD's jurisdiction and, according to the spokesperson, it does not appear the girl seen in the viral video lives in San Antonio.


San Antonians can breathe a little easier -- for now. H-E-B officials confirmed Tuesday that video of a girl opening a gallon of Blue Bell ice cream, licking the ice cream and then placing it back into a grocery store fridge was not filmed inside an H-E-B store.

And despite Facebook detectives claiming otherwise, San Antonio police said they have not received information as to whether the woman in the video lives in San Antonio. Michelle Ramos, a spokeswoman for the police department, said that police are not investigating the incident and have not been contacted by Blue Bell.

The clamor comes after a screen recording of the video was posted to Twitter over the weekend. The video has been viewed more than 10 million times. 

Blue Bell placed a notice on its website that it was aware of the video and that it is under investigation. The statement read:

We want to thank our consumers for alerting us to the incident this past weekend of a video posted to social media showing a Blue Bell item being tampered with. We take this issue very seriously and are currently working with law enforcement, retail partners and social media platforms. This type of incident will not be tolerated.

Food safety is a top priority, and we work hard to provide a safe product and maintain the highest level of confidence from our consumers.

During production, our half gallons are flipped upside down and sent to a hardening room where the ice cream freezes to the lid creating a natural seal. The lids are frozen tightly to the carton. Any attempt at opening the product should be noticeable.

We will continue to monitor this situation.

Dya Campos, a spokeswoman for H-E-B, said via email Tuesday that in addition to Blue Bell's sealing process which makes tampering evident, food tampering is a felony in the state of Texas.

The Texas Penal Code outlines varying degrees of severity, ranging from a first-degree felony to a third-degree felony.

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